This is How we Work – (Project Stages)


Your Ideas – (The Brief)

Design / Construction projects follow clearly defined paths and if these are adhered to; the project’s Cost, Time and Quality can be managed effectively. The success of the project depends on the clients’ ability to clearly describe the requirements to the designer.This could be simple statements about the function of the new space (who would be using it,its proposed style, or the clients’ view on sustainable design). When this is completed the designer will be able to write the project Brief on the client’s behalf – after determining if the project is indeed feasible.

Our Input – (The Design)

The process of Design commences as soon as the Brief is agreed in writing, and takes into account Concept design, Design development and Technical design. Concept design uses the Brief to create a series of sketches to form an initial cost plan. Design development builds on this process to show the building’s structure along with clearly defined spaces. Technical design shows specific building element and components needed to construct the building, and this can be used to further grasp the building’s cost.These processes include the Planning and Building Control statutory approval stages which are necessary before construction can commence.


Input by Others – (Approvals)

At this stage, further technical drawing information is provided for both Contractor Tender pricing and to ensure that the Building Control officials are satisfied with the level of technical detail needed to construct to a high standard. The Tender process includes the invitation and selection of a suitable contractor, and this does not necessarily mean the cheapest price. After the contractor is selected final amendments to the drawings may occur before the construction documents are handed over to the contractor to begin work on site.

What is the cost? – (Invoicing)

Fees are agreed during the Briefing process and are based on a percentage of the total construction cost or a time charge per hour – but can be an agreed lump sum. The finalfigure is further adjusted if the designer is used from the start of the process to the end of construction. Quite often the designer supervises the construction process and monitors the work of the contractor on site, to ensure that a high standard is kept to the end. Fees are paid in installments example prior to each submission to the Statutory Authorities.

Project Portfolio

Savenkov - Renovation

Savenkov - Renovation

Client V Savenkov had long desired to renovate the home the family lived in so as to make it more fitting for the 21st century.

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Caribbean Villa

Caribbean Villa

Cedar Valley Springs is an eighteen acre residential development adjacent to the Cedar Valley Golf course in the Caribbean island of Antigua. The development has sixty individual houses made up of four distinct designs types randomly placed throughout the site.

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