28 Dec 2016 Greenway Associates
This will be the final blog from Greenway Associates for 2016. With just days to go now until 2017, I know you'd be disappointed if there weren't some final pointers from us. So here's a couple of last minute ideas: Read More..
21 Dec 2016 Greenway Associates
Less than one week to go.  There is no way to avoid it, no more chance to rest - Christmas is coming and guests are likely to be descending on you too!  Perhaps like me, you enjoy seeing your extended family, but don't enjoy preparing for their arrival.
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14 Dec 2016 Greenway Associates
We are now well into advent as we continue our blog about getting your home ready for Christmas. With less than two weeks to go, there isn't a single person in the land by now who won't be starting to feel some of the pressure of Christmas. If you work in an office you'll be trying to cram in shoppi
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8 Dec 2016 Greenway Associates
This week we are continuing on from last week's blog about getting your home ready for Christmas. We are now on“C” minus 3as it’s less than three weeks to go, and everything is getting very serious. Advent is starting, it's December and finally, everybody wants to be ready. Homemade mulled win
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1 Dec 2016 Greenway Associates
A recent trend that has taken on new life is adding a splash of colour to a room. Here are just a few ideas to give you inspiration of how you can bring a bit of brightness back into your home as the days get darker: Read More..