28 Feb 2017 Greenway Associates

Getting The Basics Right: Older Houses

Although new builds are popular, the demand for older properties continues to be high due to their unique features.  Unfortunately, there are also a number of common issues that come with older homes that can make them uncomfortable and/or e
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21 Feb 2017 Greenway Associates

Style, What Style? Part 2

Last week, I wrote a brief description of three mainstream styles to give you an idea what they mean so that you can get to grips with where your own natural preferences lie. This week we are going to continue by looking at three more styles that are very
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14 Feb 2017 Greenway Associates

Style, What Style?

Last week, I wrote about getting inspiration if your mind was a bit blank. My first suggestion was focussing on your natural style preference. This week, it occurred to me that maybe we should go one step further and clarify what the styles (you will most likely
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8 Feb 2017 Greenway Associates

Who Is Richard Meier (And Why Does He Matter)?

Regular readers of our blog – and if you’re not a regular reader, what are you doing with your life? – will know we’re huge admirers of architect Richard Meier. In fact, we named the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California (de
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1 Feb 2017 Greenway Associates

What If My Mind Is Blank?

There have been lots of blogs over the last 12 months about new kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, gardens - you name it, we've talked about it. But what if, when you look around your home you either end up with no clue where to start or no ideas at all? Not
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