• Ifold Road Office Transformation

Garden Offices

Trying to work from home but have no dedicated space? This will cause trouble for everyone as you get frustrated by interruptions, and your family get annoyed at the intrusion into their personal space as more and more boxes and files fill the halls, when all they are doing is trying to relax in their own home. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box, or rather outside the home.

Granny Annexes

Do you have an elderly relative who is struggling to cope on their own, but you don’t want to put them into a Care Home, or indeed can’t afford one that you would be happy with? A self-contained accommodation unit within your own property can provide the perfect balance between independence and support.

Interior Design

This is general renovation and space design, integrating modern concepts including the use of colour plus natural and artificial light. Every individual has a particular taste and style that brings delight, so then the interior of one’s space needs to be particularly special. If a space is not to be occupied as a habitable living space then no Planning Approval is required. A typical example of this is when the Loft is used as a storage space for boxes and suitcases.

  • Caribbean Villa

Construction Drawings

This is specific information and instruction for the contractor to use in order for the building to be constructed. Knowledge of construction detailing is required to satisfy statutory officials that the building will be erected safely and in accordance with legislation. Structural calculations are often required and in addition, calculations for thermal and acoustic properties of the building.

  • Morant Bay Villa, Jamaica

Building Control Approvals

Building Control (Building Regulation) approval is required so that the government can ensure property development is safe and secure. All building work has to comply with some sort of regulation as part of the 1984 Building Act. When dealing with the application, the officer considers 14 categories – including Structural safety, Fire safety, Electrical safety, Ventilation and hygiene etc. This approval process involves knowledge of construction detailing and communication with the statutory authorities.

  • Leytonstone Rd Refurbishment

Planning Approvals

Planning approval is required so that the government can monitor and control the nation’s property development. Development Control departments consider the neighbourliness of designs and the acceptability of the resulting building proposed for a certain area. The Planning Approval process involves knowledge of planning matters and communication with the statutory authorities. Planning Approval is never guaranteed.

  • Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion

This is the skill of utilising the roof void to create a habitable space which can be accessed via steps form the floor below. A Loft can add around 10% – 15% to the value of the property and usually does not require planning permission unless the roof and building appearance is significantly altered. In fact if the street face (façade) is only altered by the use of sky light windows, then no permission is required.

  • Celtic Road Rear Extension

House Extensions

This is the typical process of demolishing external walls to make the home larger and more suited for modern living. An extension can add around 25% to the value of the property and thus is worth doing well. The cost therefore depends on the size to be added, and this may involve structural calculations to ensure that the new building work is secure when erected.

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