Little Things 5

It’s The Little Things 5

This week we’re continuing with our topic of “little things” that you can do to improve your home. We started looking at ways to save money on those seemingly ever-increasing fuel bills last week, and this week we’ve got some more!

    • Make your home more energy efficient: –On the small scale, fit draught excluders to doors and get everybody in the family involved in keeping doors shut. On a larger scale, consider free loft insulation if yours is quite old e.g. fitted in the 1970s or 80s, as savings usually amount to around 19% of the average fuel bill (£128 per year).Another good one to investigate is free cavity wall insulation which currently has full and partial government-backed grants to help you pay ad can save you around 15% on your fuel bill (average £98 per year)
Little Things 5
      • Cook efficiently –Save both time and money by batch cooking and baking a few meals at a time. Make the most of having your oven working – you can’t only heat one shelf after all. When it is cooling down, open the door (if safe to do so) and let it naturally heat your kitchen rather than wasting the heat you have just paid for.
      • Store food effectively – keep your fridge and freezer full as this means they don’t have to work as hard to keep things cool and so use less energy.
Little Things 5
  • Wash well – laundry is a significant potential cost saver. 90% of a washing machine’s energy goes into heating the water, so wash clothes at 30 or at most 40 degrees. Hang your laundry up to dry rather than using a tumble drier, and if you use a tumble drier, then whisk them out for a quick iron before they are completely dry. They will iron much more quickly saving you time as well as energy.

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