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Dreaming of an Extension this Summer?

Summer dreams? Start planning now

The buds are beginning to burst and the rain is getting warmer. Yes, folks, spring is here and that means it’s time to get busy with all those grand plans you’ve been dreaming about over the winter.

Are you looking to create more space at home? Kids don’t get any smaller as they grow up, do they? And all that stuff they accumulate! Where does it come from? More to the point, where are you going to put it?

Home extension choices

There are several ways you can create additional space without having to move to a bigger house. A loft conversion can add an exciting dimension to your home, creating new bedroom space with plenty of light and lofty views. A ground floor extension will transform your main living space, whether you want to create a comfortable area for chilling out or give the kitchen a more generous feel with expansive glazing and bi-fold doors to bring the outside in.

Another option is a separate garden room. With clever use of natural materials, you can have a structure that complements your garden perfectly, creating a beautiful place to work, rest and play, complete with heating and power and built to the latest energy-efficient standards.

Summer Home Extensions

Book a builder before it’s too late

Whatever your home improvement dreams may be, it’s important that you set the ball rolling now. For maximum efficiency and minimum fuss, you really want the work to be completed over the summer months, before the rain and snow return to hold up the works.

So start planning this month. Speak to your architect, talk to your neighbours, consult the kids. The sooner you get your plans drawn up, the sooner you can start commissioning builders, working out your budget and applying for planning permission. You want to book your builder before the busy summer season kicks in, so start getting quotes and recommendations right away.

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is traditionally the time for sprucing up your home, whether you’re planning to extend or not. With a few simple tricks you can sweep away the winter cobwebs and give your interior a brand-new sparkle.

Here are five tips to make your interior shine like new.

  • Use white vinegar to wash away the tracks on window panes and doors.
  • Give your toilet bowls a new gleam by leaving them soaking in Coke overnight.
  • Sweep away cobwebs from high places with a damp towel fastened to a broom.
  • Use a rubber window squeegee to pull pet fur out of the carpet and soft furnishings.
  • Clean the stainless steel in your kitchen and/or bathroom using a light, wax-based spray. It’s well worth the effort.
Spring Cleaning Tips

Taking pride in your home is a recipe for happiness. The place deserves a bit of TLC for keeping you warm and dry all winter, so start turning those dreams into reality and make sure you’re ready to make the most of those warmer months. It may be raining now but oh, those summer nights!

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Boring (but essential) Home Improvement Jobs

Boring (but essential) Home Improvement Jobs

I have a long list of boring but necessary jobs that has become the inspiration for today’s blog. It’s all well and good planning extensions or conversions or other grand ideas, but some days you just need to sit down and get on with it. Just before December is, the month for this kind of job. Here are a few from my list to get you started:

Guttering – the leaves have been coming down in droves, we are nearly there now. This is the ideal time to either look-up a company who can come and clear your gutters or possibly be bold and get up the ladder yourself. Either way though, it’s essential, but consider health and safety.


Raking – Again, leaves galore on your lawn but quite possibly moulding fruit, pine cones – you name it. Tedious I know and in my case frustrating as I have no large trees in my own garden, it’s all from overhanging trees. However, if you don’t do it though, it will really affect the health of the grass for next summer when you want to be out there enjoying the sunshine (remember that?!)


Mowing – no you can’t get out of doing the mowing, as the grass has not stopped growing, it’s just slower. You can spread the mowing further apart, for example fortnightly, but if you want nice grass in the summer you need to keep it up. This can require more planning at this time of year as you need to look for the driest possible day to avoid damaging the lawn when mowing wet grass.
More things for your to-do list next week!

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