Surely bathroom design is simple! A bathtub, a sink, a toilet, that’s it. No? Well; yes, no – maybe. Actually it all depends what you are looking for. There was a time was when avocado was the “in” colour for bathroom suites. Now the vast majority of people seem to have moved away from colours (and there were all sorts of pastel shades – turquoise, pink, peach, you name it) in favour of plain white.

So you could be forgiven for thinking that the bathroom was becoming simpler.  Space is often at a premium, so while some are able to splash out on beautiful double ended baths, most of us are not so fortunate.  Increasingly though, there is a trend toward the gadget in the bathroom.  Well-hidden secrets that you may not even notice, but actually make all the difference – like lighting that make applying “make-up” or shaving so much easier.  Carefully designed storage to maximise space within the room.  Showers that have massage capabilities or baths with jet streams fitted.  “Wet rooms” (effectively a room with just a shower) are becoming increasingly popular and in some cases has replaced or been fitted in addition to a downstairs toilet.  There is also a wide range of assistance products to make bathing easier for those with restricted mobility such as walk-in baths, grab rails, and shower seats etc.  Heated towel rails can ensure that your towel is not only dry but lovely and snug when you wrap it round you.  Don’t allow old-fashioned concepts of the bathroom to limit your thinking when it comes to the bathroom design – ensure you are really considering each element for example even the loo seat can be soft close now!

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