Getting The Basics Right: Older Houses

Getting The Basics Right: Older Houses

Although new builds are popular, the demand for older properties continues to be high due to their unique features.  Unfortunately, there are also a number of common issues that come with older homes that can make them uncomfortable and/or expensive to live in.  Here are a few common issues and simple solutions:

Mouse invasion!
Older homes tend to be more prone to invasion from rodents.  This means it is well worth the time invested to thoroughly examine the outside of your home for any holes and cracks.  Even the tiniest one should be stuffed with steel wool or aluminium.  There must be no space under doors.

Poor insulation
It is well worth doing some investigation with your local council as there are various grants that are available for insulation depending on your exact circumstances.  As well as replacing or adding to loft insulation, there are other options like fibreglass insulation or blow-in insulation.

Electrical faults
If you are interested in purchasing an older property, it is worth investing money in getting the electrics properly checked.  Many houses will have outdated systems or ones that have been poorly maintained.  Be particularly aware of anything like flickering lights, frayed wires or a circuit breaker that trips regularly.  Always employ a trained electrician to do any work and certify it properly.

Lead paint
If you have a home built before 1970, the chances are high that somewhere in your house there is some lead paint.  This isn’t really a problem unless it starts chipping or peeling, but if you notice that it is you should have it tested by a professional.  Be careful – children and pets could easily swallow poisonous paint chips.  Never sand or strip walls that could be coated in thelead paint as this would fill your home with a toxic cloud of lead particles.

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