Maintenance & Pest control, who else lives in your building?

Maintenance & Pest control Who else lives in your building?

As a designer, I am not only interested in constructing new buildings, but also maintaining existing stock as well.  Maintenance and pest control form an integral part of keeping a high standard of quality stock available for the market.  I will now discuss a few methods of vermin control but this is just a bit of information about vermin so for more information please contact Pest Resolve, who are experts in pest control.

For rats you will need to do a survey of the property for any entry points.

Keeping in mind that a rat can get through a 19mm hole and also under door gaps if they are large enough, this would apply more to out-houses etc.

Also to note, are walls with thick bushes growing up them which in turn go onto a roof.

Rats/mice would be able to climb this, and then enter via the roof.

So the bush would have to be cut right down or back away from the wall/roof.

Rats also have the capability to breed every 3 weeks, so don’t wait call a pest controller.

Wasps are very small insects which make it difficult to prevent them building nests in dwellings.

For example they build nests in cavity walls, so one would need to survey the whole building checking for holes in the mortar joint.

They can get in through air bricks, between tiles on roofs, so as you can imagine they are difficult to stop.  The only solution is to call the pest control expert when they are found.

There are several methods that can be used to control pigeons depending where they are.

For example if you have a porch or a shop front, you could use pigeon spikes.

These of course are visible, so the customer would see them and this ruins the aesthetic appeal of the building.

An ingenious technique is to use bird gel which is dispensed from a tube and can be placed in small trays around the edge of your porch/shop front.  The pigeons see the gel as fire, so when they land it makes them feel very uncomfortable so they leave and then associate that place with danger, so they don’t return.  The gel cannot be seen from ground level like the spikes can, so the aesthetic appeal of the building is un-affected.  The only problem with this is price, as it can work out very expensive on a large area.

The netting is also very good, but very expensive and can ruin the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Last and not least is Avi shock which is a rubber band with small wires running all the way through it installed around the edges of the building. It has its own power supply which is wired inside the building.  Once all this is connected the power supply works as pulses releasing small currents of electricity.  When the pigeon lands on it, it drops dead and falls of the building. Just kidding.  The pigeon lands on it, feeling an uncomfortable feeling in their feet, and leave.  Again they are aware that there is danger there, and don’t return.

I hope this was helpful, but feel free to contact your local pest control if you want further information.

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