New Build Niggles 2

Following on from our previous blogs, this week we are continuing to look at a few common challenges with new build homes, and some easy fixes.

The landscaping of new housing development is often rather minimalistic, meaning that your property and garden may be overlooked by many neighbours, and/ or any passers-by.  You may be worrying that it will take years to grow large trees that will provide you with a bit more privacy, but actually, there are some options that can give you a quicker fix.  There are a good range of evergreen trees that you can plant partially grown and will grow 3 – 5 feet per year so you will very quickly improve your landscape.

grow large trees for privacy

One of the items that costs are often trimmed back seems to be the lighting.  Just because your home might have been fitted with one standard light fitting per room does not mean that this is what you are stuck with.  Obviously, there is an expense here as you will need to employ a qualified electrician, but solutions don’t necessarily need to be expensive.  In some instances, you may even find you can just use a different light fitting and/ or bulbs can give your room a completely different feel.

Lighting Room

The personal touch
Last but definitely not least, people can struggle to put their own “stamp” on a new-build property.  It can feel unnecessary when you approach a home that already feels in top decorative order.  A good way of approaching this is to think in terms of small details like cushions, rugs, throws etc in your preferred colours and/ or styles.  This will help to build your confidence and you can gradually expand to furniture, carpets etc as things need replacing.

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