The value of collaboration

There’s a growing awareness in the business world that collaboration is more potent than competition. Better to work together than compete. In the architecture and construction world, we’ve known this for thousands of years.

Construction is the ultimate triumph of collaboration. From the pyramids to the Parthenon to Mrs Pilkington’s new loft conversion at number 33. Great buildings are made by the combination of complementary skills, working together as harmoniously as possible. Architects, planners, scaffolders, stonemasons, plasterers, tilers, decorators… these trades have been working together since time immemorial to build great works of art that have survived for thousands of years. And they’re still doing it today, together with plumbers, electricians and the other essential trades of modern living.

Builders on Construction Site

How these trades collaborate will determine the success of any project. Good project management will coordinate their time on site to minimise downtime, maximise efficiency and keep costs and schedules on plan. It’s a case of the whole being very much greater than the sum of the parts.

Working with local trades to resolve technical issues

At Greenway Associates, we enjoy excellent collaborative relationships with local trades and other associates within the home development sector. These relationships provide a mutual benefit. For example, throughout a building project there are snags that may arise in terms of technical and planning aspects of the job. We are often called upon by project managers to help resolve such issues.


No two building projects are the same but our experience and architectural expertise often prove invaluable in helping to smooth out problems that may be threatening to hold up a construction project that’s already up and running. By bringing us in in good time, builders and project managers can save costly delays, and we in turn can benefit from their skills in helping to turn your concepts into real, working buildings.

For mid-project architectural and planning support, contact Greenway Associates

Customers: the most important collaborators

There’s one very important omission from the list of complementary trades I mentioned above: the customer. Our approach to every new project is to work collaboratively with the homeowner, to listen to their ideas and understand their needs. This is crucial. Good architecture must not only look good, it must serve a functional purpose too. So we need to understand how the property is used now and how it will be used in future.

While a good architect must be a source of bright ideas, it is not our job to prescribe what we want to do, just because we think it will look good in our portfolio. We need to design according to what customers want, what will make them happy, what will enhance their lifestyle day-to-day.

So when you engage Greenway Associates, please expect us to turn up ready to create your solution. We come to collaborate, to ask questions, to tease out your thinking and tastes. This collaboration is the most important of all, because it’s the one that will leave you with the building you want. And if you’re happy at the end of the project, that’s good enough for our portfolio.