Why You Should Consider A Classic Modern House Design For Your Home

Originating from European culture, the classic interior house design was inspired by the Victorian style of home as well as elements from Greek and Roman architecture. By mixing both traditional and modern styles, you achieve a unique classic modern house design.

Before you consider adding elements of traditional interiors to your home, let’s first take a glance at some of the most common distinguishing features of the look.

Distinguishing Features

Often for more classic designs, furnishing elements are arranged in symmetrical manners that are harmonious with one another. This allows for a welcoming space in line with a more old fashioned and traditional approach.

Many materials used in these sorts of designs are of high quality such as oak, mahogany, beech, ceramic, bronze and marble materials. In many cases, classic style interior designs may feature columns/ half columns, cornices, rose windows and even statues.

Often the colours used on these materials and within styling itself are very minimalistic. By using light and neutral tones, you highlight the choices of materials around the space such as marble or any quality wood. Specific colours often include creams and yellows or beige alongside finishes in red or green.

The choice of furnishing accessories are also usually very delicately chosen in order to blend with the other features of the room such as picture frames and curtains.

Many of these designs may also include elements such as floor lamps and indirect lighting to create a warmer and inviting atmosphere.

Why You Should Consider a Classic Modern House Design for Your Home

The Materials

Regardless of your preference in a classic style home, there is much to be enjoyed with the pleasure and striking appearance of marble, or the natural and warm feeling that comes with oak wood furnishing. Additionally, finishes of gold and silver provide an elegance that cannot be ignored.

Accessories and Furniture

A classic modern interior design offers you a chance to enjoy furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in an ancient roman villa or a Victorian castle. From beds to sofas, dressers, tables and lamps, there are plenty of traditional styles from the past that are absolutely beautiful and emmit shear decadence.

The Colours

It may be true that ancient villas of Rome and Greece were not as white as perhaps seen in many popular films and TV depictions. Minimalistic light colours were still predominant and it still makes for a calm and relaxing aesthetic for any home. It is important here to avoid any contrasts to these colours when seeking out this style in order to maintain the serenity of the interior landscape.


Within many traditional designs the flooring choices are often fairly simple and neutral. You can opt for soft coloured carpets and warm toned wooden floors to achieve this style. As the flooring choices are simple, you will need to consider the texture in any carpets and rugs you include in the space. Sisal rugs, berber carpets and hides are often a popular choice for those wishing to achieve a contemporary classic style home.


The classic modern style of lighting will always compliment the atmosphere of the home. This does not mean to say you must hang crystal chandeliers that will cost you a fortune, however. Lamps made from luxurious materials that distribute light uniformly can help provide a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Classic Modern House Design

A Few More Things To Consider For a Classic Modern House Design

The Sofa is the Heart of the Living Room

Classical furniture in your home can be extremely elegant and make for cosy areas for conversation and tea. The key here is to achieve a comfortable communal space for people to talk without having to shout or strain their necks. For this reason, the sofa should be set up as the main focal point of the room with all other pieces of furnishing placed harmoniously nearby. Sofas often take up a lot of space and so it is important that they match the atmosphere of the room. Best practice here is to measure your living space before making purchases for large pieces of furniture.

Sofas will not only radically change the look of your living room but will also dictate all other furnishings surrounding it. Although it can be tempting to buy sofas for as cheap as possible, it is extremely important to factor in their comfort and resistance over time against the costs you are willing to pay. In order to not buy a sofa that is too big or small, you should draw up floor plans before making purchases. The sofa should be positioned as such that it does not restrict traffic flow in the room.

Make the Most of Rugs

A key benefit of rugs is that they can help truly define a specific area of the room. However, the wrong rug choices can ruin a space if they do not match the atmosphere. Similarly to sofas, rugs should be well combined with the furnishing around the room. If chosen correctly they will really emphasise the character of your home.

One classic example of how rugs can define an area of a room is to position them under dining tables and chairs. In doing so you will add emphasis to the eating area rather than other elements within the room.

You should ensure that any pieces of furniture can fit on the rug. For example, if placed under a table, all four legs should be on the rug. However, if this isn’t possible you can simply ensure that at least the front two legs are on the rug and that it is not so small it looks out of place.

Use the Classic Modern Design to Reflect Your Own Personality

You should be imaginative with your design choices and they should reflect your own personality. For example, the living room is often best suited for customisation so features such as bookcases can add great character if you are a bookworm at heart. For the creative minded amongst us, you might wish to hang a few pieces of art around the space in nice frames that will catch the eye of any visitors. However, it may be advisable to not go too heavy on the art as it can be a distraction from other elements of the room.

Instead, you should choose your favourite items and decorate around them as a way of highlighting them. Accessories such as scultures and furnishings can be reflective of one’s character and can make a living space unique and inspiring. Smaller accessories can often look better in groups, but avoid including too many as you should not wish to clutter the room. A more minimal space can often be far more comforting in practice.

Remember Every Object Has a Purpose

Every item within a perfect living space should relate and be harmonious with all other elements inside of it. You should remember that every item has a specific purpose and also a specific place. Additionally, any room dividers, columns and floor elevations also serve in defining a room.

In addition to the perceived order or disorder of an object, it is also important to recognise an object’s function, aesthetic and value in terms of emotion that they possess. This way, you are sure to achieve a beautifully decorated style that is consistent around the home.


A classic modern house design can be a great choice in providing an elegant and inviting atmosphere to your home. There are plenty of reasons to love this style such as the use of gorgeous and high quality materials as well as the accessories and furniture which can help provide an atmosphere as if you are in Victorian Britain or even a Roman villa. Classic illumination choices such as lamps or classic fireplaces can make for a cosy, warm and inviting living space.

However, when seeking out this kind of style for your home, you should always insure that each item of your interior work perfectly together and that key aspects are highlighted within the space. This type of design can also be reflective of one’s own personality if you choose to implement aspects such as hung art pieces or bookshelves. This elegant style of interior design allows for a great level of creativity and variation so you can be sure to have plenty of fun with it. You can also combine more classic elements with more modern elements to create a perfect fusion between the best aspects of the past and the present.

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