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We offer a wide array of Architectural Design services

Planning Approvals

Planning approval is required so that the government can monitor and control the nation’s property development. Development Control departments consider the neighbourliness of designs and the acceptability of the resulting building proposed for a certain area. The Planning Approval process involves knowledge of planning matters and communication with the statutory authorities. Planning Approval is never guaranteed.

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Loft Conversion

This is the skill of utilising the roof void to create a habitable space which can be accessed via steps form the floor below. A Loft can add around 10% – 15% to the value of the property and usually does not require planning permission unless the roof and building appearance is significantly altered. In fact if the street face (façade) is only altered by the use of sky light windows, then no permission is required.

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House Extensions

This is the typical process of demolishing external walls to make the home larger and more suited for modern living. An extension can add around 25% to the value of the property and thus is worth doing well. The cost therefore depends on the size to be added, and this may involve structural calculations to ensure that the new building work is secure when erected.

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