Planning Approvals

In a state about whether or not you need planning permission for your building work? Then if you do need it, how on earth does the process works? Planning has received a considerable amount of publicity in the last couple of years due to government changes on planning policies such as “Permitted Development”. This may now be applied to building improvement work like extensions. Keeping abreast of current regulations and planning policy is key to what we do, and this will always be discussed with you as part of the design process; so that you can understand the implications of choices that you make. Planning permission can be the greatest risk on a construction project. Deciding whether to make an Outline or Detailed application, or when to make an application is of the greatest importance.

It can often be tempting to seek to obtain planning permission as soon as possible so as to start the project quickly- especially if it seems that the deadline to build before winter is fast approaching. However, in the first place, being granted planning permission may well be more likely if the design is well thought out and more drawings and detailed information can be provided to the planning authority.

Leytonstone Rd Refurbishment


Information provided to Planning should answer these questions and more:

  1. What is the purpose of the development – what will be built?
  2. Is the project neighbourly, i.e. does it affect the rights enjoyed by those living around you?
  3. What height, size and scale is the new proposal- is it out of character with its area?
  4. Does it affect highways, aircraft routes or block views of historic buildings?

Here at Greenway Associates we have over 23 years’ experience, and work hard to keep abreast with the best in design technology and planning policy. We can help provide you with critical advice based on our wealth of experience in the field to ensure your success. Whatever you are looking for, please get in touch for more advice Greenway Associates or call us on +44 1737 652737